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love the ending

and it was very hard to watch in fact..... too random and made a whole lot of no sense but i for some reason could not look away

hey... pay for my college

Fuckin' A

That's horribly funny

Unlike a lot of people I read the description and lemme tell ya..... it made this movie so much better reading the story before watching

1000 times better

This is definately 1000 times better than the first one

The first one was HARD to watch... I almost fell asleep

The vocals in this one are horrible though...

Crazymonkey154 responds:

LOL the first one sucked really badly. Sorry that you didn't like the voices, but thanks for the review!

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Just discovered you...
You are definately one of the best dubstep artists on here
I personally like NIGHTKILLA and TIMarbury
Anyway, keep up the awesomeness :)


As always your music is damn near perfect. My girlfriend has loved your voice from the day I first found you music. Perfect for love making and great for bed time.

As for the music video, its awesome. It fits the song absolutely flawlessly.

Keep up the great work Dan.


MilkMan-Dan responds:

That is a steamy review Bliss. Don't think anyone has ever mentioned the particular love making abilities of my music... I mean, I've never tested it... on the account of how weird it would be if I made love to my own voice. Thanks for watching the vid :). Take care man.


Awesome :)

"Get Down To Da Streetz"

I think this fits it
awesome beat man, downloaded

Dj Bliss

StormZ5 responds:

hey, thanks! it just needs to be eqed like crazy...

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I fucking woke my house up laughing when I saw this.....
Bravo, just bravo

poorly drawn

this looks like the work of a fiorst grader
the- i guess this is a woman? but the face and head are bigger than the rest of the body
the legs look like a cartoon from hell
the neck is about 2cm too tall
i would suggest reading a book on how to draw people
if you want i can give you the link to my 13yr old sister's dev page
now she can draw
and im not saying that cause she is my sister, she really can draw :)

loansindi responds:

I'm not an artist. I never claimed to be. I've taken some rendering classes pursuant to my field of study (theatrical design), this is something I did a few months out of practice.

Again, your hate-fueled zero review is funny to me, because i really don't have any personal investment in this artwork. i decided to revisit costume rendering because I was bored, as it's something I don't pursue often.

no creativity

i have no clue what this is but it has no creativity
i can draw this with my eyes closed
whatever you used gives shitty quality
i would suggest going back and redoing this picture
and i would alos suggest doing your own work

loansindi responds:

lol wow i didn't even think you would throw a shitty review on art i had submitted, you shoulda sent me a PM so i coulda laughed sooner.

your own art is just text, and interestingly one of your favorites was created in the same software I used for this one... good job.

i just uploaded this because I thought it was neat looking, not because I have any kind of investment in it. failed troll

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